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Puppy visit


20 minutes

$25+HST per visit


15 minutes x2

$32+HST per day

Congratulations on your new puppy!

Life moves quickly and you may not always have time to walk your new puppy numerous times a day. This is where we can help by providing private visits to let your puppy outside for a walk and a bit of playtime to get their wiggles out. We can provide them with food and water following the owner's direction. These visits also apply to older dogs that can no longer run in a pack or go for long walks, but still need to be let out halfway through the day.


Every puppy visit is tailored to your puppy or senior dog to make sure they can thrive with a personalized schedule; for this reason we offer two options:​

  • One 20-minute visit. This is a good option for seniors dogs and older puppies not left at home alone for too many consecutive hours

  • Two 15-minute visits. This options is best for young puppies needing to be let out often.

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