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Off-Leash Hikes

  • What's the process?
    We pick-up and drop-off your dog to your home for your convenience, no need to interrupt your work day. For peace of mind, we will provide you with a window of time for the drop-off and pick-up times. That way you'll know exactly when your dog goes for his playtime excursion. We use our own leashes, all you need to provide is a happy dog wearing a collar, we do all the rest! If you work away from home, we make sure your dog has enough water for the rest of the day.
  • How will my dog be integrated into a pack?
    Your dog's first walk will be different than his/her normal walks since we will need to see how your dog acts when off-leash. Dogs act differently in different situations; your dog may not be the same while walking on leash walking with you around the block than he/she will with us off leash in a new location to him/her. For this reason your dog's first walk will be on a long line and with my dog only. Throughout this first walk your dog will be assessed for temperament and recall skills. Should this be a successful walk then your dog will proceed to join one of the Spot On Canine packs. If your dog requires a bit of work to integrate successfully into a pack then he/she will remain in a private outing with my dog until I believe your dog is ready to integrate peacefully with a pack. This timeline is dependent on the dog in question and will be different for each. This process is to insure your dog's safety and to make sure he/she doesn't become overwhelmed by being thrown with a group of unknown dogs. We always put your dog's safety first! Please note that your dog's initial walk is priced at $30+hst, if more private walks are needed to train your dog then the price will be $35+hst per training walk until your dog can be integrated into a group.
  • How much does it cost?
    $26+hst per walk if your dog is located within our working areas We require your dog(s) be booked in for a minimum of three (3) days per week to maintain stability and steady socialization for all dogs involved.
  • How much does it cost if I have more than one dog?
    The first dog will be priced as listed above and each additional dog will $15+hst per walk
  • Is your company insured?
    Yes! We are fully insured to protect your canine partner should the unexpected happen.

Let your dog explore, run and play with like-minded canines under the supervision of a trained canine professional.

Advantages to off-leash hikes

Off-leash hikes provide numerous advantages to both you and your canine partner. Socializing your dog within our balanced packs will give them a chance to run and play in a safe and beneficial way as to prevent behavioral issues. This in turn will have your canine partner be more receptive to training programs (source). The other main benefit to off-leash hikes is the preventative effect it has against anxiety and stress (source, source2).

We put your dog's safety above all else! 

We only use private land for our packs since this provides a level of safety that cannot be guaranteed utilizing public dog parks. The main concerns being the exposure of our packs to psychologically unbalanced dogs and dogs that are not up to date on their vaccination. Where we go your dog can run to his/her heart's content. 


Trained walkers

Our walkers are not only trained and competent walkers but behavioral trainers! That's the big difference between us and other walking companies. We have the knowledge to identify, prevent and correct potentially dangerous behaviors that dogs pick up in packs that are let to run wild with little to no interaction with the walker. We know how to engage your dog and we provide a level of expertise that is unmatched within the city. We actually pay attention to your dog instead of being on our phone the entire time.

Specialized for high energy dogs

That's right on top of our expert behavioral training we also specialize in high energy dogs. We have the knowledge and experience to interact with these dogs in a safe and beneficial way to them. This includes high energy breeds such as Dalmatians and Queensland Heelers but also younger dogs with bottomless amounts of energy. Request your free meet and greet to find out how we can better your and your dogs life!

Safety measures

Since the dog's safety is our top priority we make sure we can handle crazy cold winters and crazy hot summers! During really cold days of winter, we have access to an indoor arena with a sand base so no dogs have to freeze their paws. Even dogs that can't take the -30 °C and below will enjoy a Spot On hike! This arena is also great in the summer time when the heat is too much, we have somewhere in the shade to hang-out and play. During really hot days we provide unlimited amounts of water and check each dog for signs of heat stroke regularly. 

You could hire any cheap walker, but we offer so much more for your dog!

**Private hiking excursions can be arranged, contact us for details**

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