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Tales and Tails


During 2020's lockdowns most of us were trying to find ways to remain sane and occupied! So here's my attempt at sanity by becoming more than a simple dog walker and trying my hand at writing! I will be doing extensive research on topics I post and will do my best to present the whole picture of the topic at hand. That being said, in the dog world there are numerous theories and techniques that can be at odds. I am not here to say one group is right and the other is wrong, but to voice my opinion and maybe even start a public forum to discuss some interesting ideas. I love to learn and with science still evolving regarding the dog world, I am learning a lot about numerous aspects of the industry.

I will do my best to post regularly but some topics may take me more time to research and come to a completed and presentable blog post. So join me on my research journey and listen to some of my personal theories as well.

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