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A little bit about us

I decided to start this company since I knew there had to be a better way to socialize dogs and let them enjoy their best life! I looked at dog walking services offered in my area and quickly realized that they were not what I was looking for. I will admit my Dalmatian is the greatest being to ever come into my life so the thought of sending her with a walker that may or may not have the expertise to deal with problems that may arise made my stomach turn. 

Since I couldn't find something that fit my needs I realize that there must be other people within this city with similar concerns. If there wasn't a company here to help people like me and you then I would create one! And here Spot On Canine was born! This company was created during hard times, we're talking pandemic lockdown times, I gave up a lucrative career (to my mother's joy) to sink my energy in this project! And right away I found those like minded people that wanted something better for their dog. If you are one of those that want the best for their dog then don't hesitate to contact me! Your dog deserves better than to be crammed into the back of a car with 10 other dogs and then let wild at a dog park, see how I can help!

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We value your dog's safety above all else, that's why we always keep ourselves certified in canine first aid! 

Out for a stroll


So that's me...I love horses too! Born and raised in the country, I was always surrounded by animals: cows, horses, cats, dogs, birds and rodents (I even befriend and trained a skunk once, never got sprayed!). Being in the countryside I had plenty of dogs to play with! My childhood dog, a boxer named Mooch, was truly my best friend and guardian angel. From that friendship, I wanted to learn more about dogs, their interactions and their language. 

I've educated myself and continue to so on a regular basis to stay up to date on the best dog training techniques. I've worked with numerous reactive and aggressive dogs in the past, I know how quickly bites and fights can start. Most importantly I've learned that they don't happen out of the blue, there are many signs and indicators shown before a dog snaps. I know how to prevent fights way before they are even a contemplation in the dog's mind by keeping them engaged with me and with other tricks up my sleeve! 

Since my beloved boxer when I was a child, there have been numerous amazing canines that have come across my path, either under my ownership or owned by close friends or family. I've learned a lot from them and the relationships they have with their owners. And I will continue to learn since no one can ever stop learning!



Beta is my beloved Dalmatian and pack leader. She keeps the young ones calm and even brings the shy timid dogs out of their shell. She was born in my bedroom and has been one of the greatest dogs I've ever come across (yes, I may be biased!)

We've traveled  together and have enjoyed hiking and camping throughout this country. She adores running through new trails of any terrain, be it forest, desert, open fields or mountain. She's been there and conquered it all!

This girl has great manners and at only a year old she has a long life left to spend with her doggy friends on the trails!

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